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Recover your lost data

Has your system crashed with your important information inside? Our computer repair experts have your back. We help individuals and businesses back up and recover their data from a wide pool of storage devices, including:


  • Hard drive (HDDs)

  • Memory sticks

  • CD/DVD

  • Solid drive (SDDs)

  • Floppy disks


We can help you too. Our professionals have access to the best data backup and recovery tools available. We will help you recover your data and teach you simple tricks to keep it safe in the future.

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MAC | PC Data Recovery

As you use your system every day, data is generated, and other systems get to interact with it. This can lead to:


  • Lagging

  • Spyware activities

  • Malware & virus attack


Let Doctor Computers help you fix it. If your system is acting out, chances are any of these three issues are behind it. Our professionals are fitted with the latest virus removal tools and methods to scan your computers for any threats and vulnerabilities. We will help you restore your system to optimum health and speed as soon as possible.

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Remote Support Staten Island

Mac  and Windows10/11 repair

Flexible options just for you

Is our location too far for you? Doctor Computers can pay your systems a friendly visit! And you won’t pay extra for the call. We will send our expert closest to you to troubleshoot your computer and have it fixed quickly!

Desktop remote support

We can come to you when you can’t. Just call us and inform us of the symptoms. Our experts will come to your office and help you diagnose the problem, recommend solutions, and fix the issue quickly. This way, you can have your computer fixed while maintaining productivity.

On-site support/In-home support

Distance is not a barrier for us. If your problem requires a time-sensitive response, Doctor Computers can help! Our cutting-edge remote desktop support allows us to assist you in troubleshooting your system and recommending solutions wherever and whenever.

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Staten Island Apple Mac Services

Hardware repairs & replacement

Sometimes the symptoms you’re seeing are a result of malfunctioning hardware. Our experts will help identify the problem, repair it, or replace it quickly and professionally. We are experts in repairing and replacing all kinds of laptops, desktops, printers, and server components, including:

  • Motherboard

  • AC DC power jack

  • Power adapter

  • Printer Reapir

  • Glass panel

  • LCDs Replacement/Screen

  • Buttons

  • Keyboards

  • And more.

Let’s help you restore your computer to its prime condition.

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Tune up your PC


· Power LED Or Battery LED Flicker When the Adapter Tip Is Moved
· Move the DC Power | Laptop Loses Connection
· Broken or Cracked Dc Jack
· The Laptop Won’t Charge but Worked on Battery
· Battery Won’t Charge – Motherboard Board Replacement
· LCD Front Glass Panel Replacement for iMac 21"/27" Inch
· Sparks Come Out the Back of The Laptop
· Feels Very Loose or Wobbly Where You Plug It In.

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Hardware repair in Staten Island